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Running and training for sporting events are so much more than putting on your best lycra and lacing up your trainers. You've spent weeks training in the sun and rain. You carefully navigated the icy patches after the snow and were battered by the winds blowing you sideways.


But now it feels like you're going in reverse. You aren't recovering as quickly as you were at the beginning of this training cycle and you're just a little bit tired of being tired.


My name is Abi, a UK registered nutritionist (mBANT), and I've been there. Four years ago I had to defer my London Marathon place because I didn't have the energy to wash my hair, forget running! Now it's my mission to make sure the same doesn't happen to you and that you can make it to race day, the finish line and beyond. 

Work with me and get a personalised programme tailored to you and your goals because when it comes to training and nutrition, one size simply does not fit all. 

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Nutrition Coaching

Personalised nutrition coaching with your choice of 1:1 support

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Personal Training


1:1 personal training offered face to face in Wimbledon & SW London or online wherever you are.

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Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

1:1 personal training and your choice of our nutrition coaching packaged. 

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What has been holding you back from achieving your personal best? 

Whether you're lacking energy, recovering from a persistent training injury, or looking to alter your body composition to maximise your performance, nutrition can help you to reach your goals. 

Start your personalised nutrition journey and learn how to fuel your fitness.